Our Furs

Origin Assured Fur All our fur is certified by the Origin Assured program and sourced from the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs and the Klondike Soft Gold programs. Ethically harvested in a sustainable manner, the availability of our fur options are inherently limited. As a result, there are times when we cannot offer all options.

Aside from looks, different furs possess a variety of functional qualities.

Have you ever wondered why people don’t regularly freeze the exposed skin on their face during the extreme wind-chills reported in the arctic?

The opening on a parka hood is traditionally trimmed with fur to block wind and trap body heat in extreme cold weather temperatures. The fur trimmed tunnel shaped opening forms an invisible dead-air space in front of your face so wind cannot carry your precious body heat away with it. Without this essential feature facial skin would be directly exposed to the elements and the serious risk of frostbite.

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